Women's house of wisdom

When you're ready to live in your full presence and power.

For women who are deeply committed to their paths of healing and becoming, this small group mentoring program helps you to integrate the teachings and practices of feminine spirituality and Internal Family Systems into your daily life.

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"I'm loving Women's House of Wisdom this year."

"I feel like I have more time to soak it in from a different perspective and am particularly benefiting from the exercises and the breakout rooms and interacting with the other women. Your teachings are beautifully planned and appreciated." – Sara Heisler

"It feels collaborative."

"I enjoy belonging to a community of women with whom I can learn from, grow with, and share. While we grow as a circle, we are also each diving deep into our individual wells." – Linda Sperl

"Being a part of this community provides a rare respite in today's often over-stimulated and anxious world."

"We come together in a community in an effort to reclaim our sovereignty in our own body, mind, and spirit." – Zina Mercil

"It's been a grounding point amidst a great deal of loss and uncertainty."

"I'm grateful to have had this community and resource over the last year." – Angela Forcier

Women's House of Wisdom is perfect for you...

  •  Understand that change happens gradually over time, with patience and consistent, steady action
  • Are willing to create some space in your life (a few hours a month) toward the program, in order to experience the results you want 
  • Enjoy connecting with other women on the journey with you– even when they are of different ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds
  • Are tired of dabbling in things and are ready to commit to a path to help you be the woman you want to be and live the life you want to live

"I am definitely happier now!"

"I'm seeing that I might not be such a bad person after all! You will leave this program with a sense of freedom and relief from all the old ways you thought about who you are. You must run, don't walk, to sign up for this program because it will change everything!"


Meet your guide

About Sara Avant Stover

Sara Avant Stover is an author, a pioneering teacher of women's spirituality for the past 24 years, and a Certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioner.
After a cancer scare upon graduating Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude from Columbia University’s all-women’s Barnard College, Sara moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand– where she lived and worked for a decade and went on to become a leading yoga instructor in Southeast Asia.
Sara now leads retreats and workshops both internationally and online– including at centers like 1440 Multiversity, Kripalu, and Shambhala Mountain Center. Her work has uplifted the lives of tens of thousands of women worldwide. She has been featured in Yoga Journal, the Huffington Post, Newsweek, and Natural Health, and on ABC, NBC, and CBS and she lives in Boulder, CO.


women's house of wisdom

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