Sorceress CEO 

A 12-Month Mentorship & Mastermind Circle for Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs

The only Internal Family Systems mastermind for coaches, therapists, healing professionals & business owners

Cultivate inner & outer mastery to serve our world through growing a soul-aligned, prosperous, and sacred business...

...without burning out, betraying your values, or getting in your own way



Sorceress CEO is for You if You Know It’s Time to Finally: 

  • Take care of yourself first. If you’re not thriving personally, how can you support others sustainably?
  • Make more money (it's time to have consistent 10K+ months), have more time freedom, take more time off (no more working on the weekends or skimping on vacations), and stop trading hours for dollars
  • Stop feeling so isolated and working in an echo chamber of one
  • Heal wounds around being visible, procrastination, charging premium prices for your services, the patriarchy, self-doubt and inner criticism, imposter syndrome, unworthiness, and more
  • Stop engaging in tactics that burn you out and overwhelm you and instead embrace feminine rhythms to help you get to whatever your next level is
  • More fully embody your soul’s purpose, in a profitable, enjoyable, sustainable way.

As a sensitive, soul-oriented woman business owner, what you most want, deep down, is to know that you served and lived at your highest capacity and fulfilled your potential.

But the reality is, you’re spending much of your time feeling:
  • Stuck and frustrated
  • Scared and doubting yourself
  • Overwhelmed
  • Exhausted
  • And wondering why you’re working so damn hard– with so little to show for it.

 You’re feeling  stalled and unsure of how to right your course.

At this point, you’ve likely already invested a lot– not only in yourself but also in your business:

  • You’ve done therapy and gone on retreats
  • You’ve taken countless online courses on anything from marketing to digital courses to stepping into your feminine power
  • You’ve hired coaches and taken “business accelerators”

And, while those have helped, to some extent, they’ve also left you feeling more divided, confused, and disconnected from yourself.

They may have even left you feeling like you’re falling short and missing the mark….again.

It's time to grow a business you love that’s rooted in wholeness and a conduit for the Sacred in our world.

So you can evolve yourself and serve your dream clients while enjoying….


Ample time and space for your loved ones and self-care


More consistent cashflow, without more hustle


The fulfillment of doing what you’re born to do

“Sara has managed to strike the perfect balance between hip, modern practicality, and ancient, wise woman wisdom.”

Kate Northrup; Bestselling Author & Entrepreneur

For heart-led entrepreneurs, the only true way to have a sacred, sustainable business is to find a way to integrate all the inner parts of yourself, while structuring the outer world of your business solidly yet fluidly.

Rather than splitting your world into two parts (or prioritizing one over the other)...

1. A rich, spiritual inner life that nourishes your spirit and serves as an expression of your soul

2. A business and professional life that creates products and services and supports you financially


What you need is a way to feel less fragmented and scattered– and more like all parts of you are moving in the same direction.

Even more importantly, you want to feel that, when all parts are going in the same direction… they’re headed to where you actually want to go.


Imagine this is possible for you.

And imagine you not only had a guide who speaks your language that could show you exactly how to do it…

But also a community of women around you that were demonstrating, and cultivating, the same.


So how do you go from being an overwhelmed entrepreneur to a Self-led steward of a sacred business?

The short answer: With the winds of grace at your back – and without complicated funnels and trendy marketing gimmicks.


To become a sorceress CEO, you need three things:

01 | The inner world of your business

Solid, tried-and-true foundational building blocks that can grow your business to multiple six figures, while serving, evolving, and growing with you over time 

02 | The outer world of your business

The right tools to help you lead from your wholeness when parts of you threaten to get in the way of taking consistent, aligned action. It's in the implementation that all our "stuff" comes up

03 | The sacred world of your business

A sacred circle of women to hold, celebrate, and challenge you, who speak your language and share your values – so you don’t feel like a black sheep or have to tough it out alone

What's a Sorceress CEO?

There’s a new kind of female entrepreneur emerging in these troubled times.

She's the sort of CEO who leads guided by the sacred.

She's a woman who's building her business from her wholeness, rather than her wounds.

A Sorceress CEO is a visionary leader who blends ancient wisdom and intuition with cutting-edge business acumen.

She leverages mystical insights, strategic foresight, and  Self-leadership to invoke innovation, inspire others, and create sustainable growth. 

And she's doing this for the greatest good of all.

This is how you become a Sorceress CEO

Here’s the truth…


Becoming a Sorceress CEO is NOT about following stale formulas touted by celebrity entrepreneurs.
It’s not about being so busy that you ignore your intuition, blow out your adrenals, build a business that traumatizes you, and– oh, by the way!– drains your bank account in the process.


Becoming a Sorceress CEO is a living, breathing process that’s informed by that “still, small voice inside.”
It’s neither loud nor flashy.


It’s a sacred dance between your soul’s desires, your personal gifts and talents, and the needs of your right-fit clients and customers.
It’s an unfolding that’s utterly unique to you… and that, given the right scaffolding, will emerge from the realm of spirit into matter.


Sorceress CEO is a potent container for actualizing your true Self, serving the world, and taking excellent care of yourself and those you love in the process.

And I’d love to help you do this.


Sorceress CEO

A 12-month immersive mentorship and mastermind circle for established spiritual, entrepreneurial women who are ready to lead from their wholeness, actualize their potential, and grow a more sustainable, profitable, and sacred business in the year ahead…and beyond.

Whether you want to change the world, or simply change your business model so you can spend more time with your family…
Whether you want to experience full-spectrum healing and self-actualization through your entrepreneurial path, or simply want to learn to take exquisite care of yourself and your business…


Whatever your ideal vision is...

Sorceress CEO will help you create it.

Business made sacredfeminine... and sustainable.

Because most business coaching programs don’t understand the inner work that’s needed to share one’s gifts with the world.

And most therapeutic programs don’t understand the business acumen required to sustainably bring one’s gifts into the world.

This program combines both practical and transformational tools, knowledge, step-by-step training, and support.
It fuses the in-depth learning of an online course, the wise counsel of a women’s community and mastermind, and the intimate support and honest reflection of group mentoring.

Here Are Some of the Next-Level Results Our Visionary Women Experience:

↪  The clarity, courage, and confidence of being Self-Led

As you compassionately expand beyond outdated, limiting beliefs and behaviors and implement new strategies.

↪   Strong, sovereign boundaries that protect your health, time, and energy

Because you want your business to empower you to have the day-to-day life you need to thrive.

↪  More time off to enjoy vacations, long weekends, and your mornings or evenings

Including the resources to do daily self-care and go on regular retreats to really recharge.

↪  A crystal clear vision and bite-sized action steps to help you get there

Rather than feeling pulled in a million different directions and never really getting to where you want to go.

↪  Dialed-in marketing, sales, and customer care processes

That draw in your dream clients without draining you. 

↪  Financial well-being and consistent cash flow

With a customized-for-you profit plan that’s both expansive and do-able, helping you to earn and keep more of your money.

↪  A community of kindred spirits you can count on

Because there’s nothing like being around other women who are walking your same path and truly have your back and GET you, inside and out.

↪  Clear systems and the right support

To help you scale your business to the next level, without needing to work harder.

↪  The joy that can only come from living in alignment and fulfilling your potential

And the satisfaction that comes from having built the real-world structure needed to channel your soul’s unique gifts.

Video Poster Image

“When I received Sara’s email about Sorceress CEO in July of 2023, I was four years deep into another women's business community. I was in massive debt after finally embracing being in business (although I didn't like to think of myself as a business owner, but more of a teacher or practitioner).


Over those four years, I really wanted to "own" the title of CEO and get all the support a CEO would need, like a part-time virtual assistant and several additional business trainings and courses– none of which I could really afford. My schedule was beyond full and with too many plates spinning in the air. My inner voice was telling me it wanted to shift my model, but I had some inner blocks in the way.

So I decided to switch coaching models and join Sara’s program instead so I could have a quieter, more inner-focused landscape. Less outer noise, more introspection. The focus on IFS was what really called to me. I knew I could take some outer action in the area of social media, ads, and visibility, but what was stopping me wasn't the strategy, it was needing to attend to my inner parts.

When I first joined the program, Sara sat me down during a group mentoring call as a clear and powerful truth-teller. She gave me what I needed: Some financial guidance to help me get back on track.  I also show up at all of the IFS group calls and received deeper insight into the working and needs of my parts.

Now, I communicate with the Soul of my Business daily and experience my inner parts as collaborators. They are working together to move me forward at a slow and steady pace. I've gotten help with my finances, and I'm showing up with weekly accountability - for the first time ever! 

In this container, I have deepened my commitment to myself, the Soul of my Business, and to the people whom I serve. Sara and the community have supported me in doing weeding, planning, and planting. Now I'm excited to see how my work blooms as I step into my second year of Sorceress CEO!”

It has been essential for me to have a balance of strategy, community, and inner work to grow my business in a heart & soul-aligned way. If you’re missing one of these three parts, I highly recommend you consider joining us this year in Sorceress CEO! “

Rev. Jenn Cormier 

Ceremonial Artist, Grief Guide & Founder of the “GRACE Collective” 



The Foundation for Inner & Outer Freedom

IFS is a cutting-edge, evidence-based, psycho-spiritual therapeutic model and spiritual practice that helps us move from living a fear-led to an inspiration-led life.

Its core premise is that we have a multiplicity of personalities, or “parts,” within us and that all parts of us are fundamentally good.

IFS offers a clear, accessible path to heal those parts of yourself that can become extreme and overwhelm you– so that you can access more of your calm, wise center, or your Self, more often.

It's become so popular (and powerful) that people like Gabby Bernstein, Alanis Morissette, Gwyneth Paltrow, Dr. Lisa Rankin, Tim Ferriss, Elise Loehnen, Glennon Doyle, and Elizabeth Gilbert have openly shared how much it has helped them.

Video Poster Image

“Sara is a warm, empathetic, and intuitive teacher. I have learned incredibly helpful tips and tools from her various programs, including the Inner Critic Cure, Becoming You, and currently, her larger entrepreneurial women’s program, Sorceress CEO. 

After becoming a Certified Chef followed by an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I found myself struggling with feelings of doubt in my skills, capabilities, and abilities centered around a lack of confidence, self-worth, and a harsh inner critic. 

Sara’s techniques, including IFS tools such as parts mapping and guidance, have allowed me to give myself more grace, and space to process and integrate feelings and emotions and move forward, step-by-step, towards wholeness. 

This program is providing me with useful tools, tips, and information for creating my soul and heart-centered business in ways that feel accessible, thoughtful, impactful, and sustainable. Sara creates a beautiful space for women that feels supportive and collaborative, one in which you feel heard and held through the process. She is wonderful, as is the community. I would highly recommend joining if you feel you need a safe, caring, and warm community.”   

Sonia Perez Halladay

Certified Chef and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Meet Your Guide

Hi! I’m Sara Avant Stover.

I want to show you it really is possible to deeply root into your wholeness, lead from your values, and be a force for good in the world.

All while maintaining and growing a business that flourishes, and a life that’s just right for you.

In the 20+ years of my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve written three books and grown two multiple six-figure businesses from the ground-up– while prioritizing my health, spiritual practice, and sensitive nervous system. Along the way, I became a Certified Internal Family System practitioner and have stood firmly in my soul’s offerings. My work has uplifted the lives of tens of thousands of women around the world.

I’ve learned A LOT along the way and want to save you time, energy, and money through the wisdom I’ve gleaned from both my costly mistakes and soaring successes.

These are things you can’t learn in any book, online course, or YouTube video. It’s hard-earned knowledge that I’m thrilled to pass onto you.

May Sorceress CEO guide you back to serving the world from your true Self, and deeper into all that you came here to be and do.


“Prior to joining this program, I was feeling overwhelmed, scattered, and unsure of my path. Not only that, I was having difficulty believing in myself and my success. I felt alone and pretty hopeless that things would improve.


“Now I have a clearer vision of my larger goals and support to break them down into more manageable steps and action items from Sara, the group, and my smaller accountability pod.

Because of this, I've worked through stuck points, whereas otherwise, I may have given up. I feel less alone in my struggles and my process and way less stuck than when I started. When I do hit stuck points, they don't last as long. I'm starting to believe in my own success, and allowing myself to dream bigger than I ever have before.

If you're looking for support, a clearer vision, and a safe container to work through inner and outer obstacles in your business and your life, this is the program for you."

– Joanna Lay










You Deserve to Feel Deeply Resourced– Every Step of the Way

Women in Our Community Enjoy Multiple Levels of Inner & Outer Support 

Support 1

Onboarding Call & Email Sequence

As a new member of Sorceress CEO, you'll be invited to a group onboarding call within your first month of joining, so you can learn how to utilize the community, resources, and all the different support options to keep you on track with your goals and vision.

During your first 90 days in the program, you'll also receive an onboarding email sequence to lead you step-by-step through the key masterclasses, components, and mindset practices needed to help bring your vision into reality over the next 12 months.

Support 2

Live Sorcery & Strategy Calls

Every month, I host 2-3 live Sorcery & Strategy Group Mentoring Calls for 90 minutes each. These include on-the-spot mentoring on anything you need support with, strategic guidance, client consults, copy or website reviews, or IFS support to work with inner blocks that come up along the way– self-doubt, inner criticism, fear of visibility, procrastination, etc.

The goal is to get you unstuck and continue to take aligned action toward actualizing your dreams. Plus, since I intimately get to know each woman and her business along the way, you can trust that you’re getting answers that are uniquely customized for you.

At the start of each of these calls, we'll have some time to connect as a community, so you can get to know the other women in the program at a deeper level. 


Support 3

Live IFS Group Mentoring Calls

Every month, our expert Certified IFS Practitioner and Mentor offers two, live IFS Mentoring opportunities for 75 minutes each. 

One of these monthly calls is open for you to get support with any of your inner selves that may be holding you back as you're building and running your business (i.e. one who's afraid/anxious/overwhelmed, a Task Master, or a part of you that's keeping you from speaking up in our program).

The other monthly call will include a guided experience, like getting to know an Inner Critic, interviewing a protective part of yourself, or something else to deepen your inner leadership with your parts. 

Support 4

Live Expert Office Hours

Once a month, drop in for a one-hour "Office Hour" with our expert Digital Marketing & Technology mentor. These are times to fine-tune anything and everything from your messaging to your funnels, Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn ads, and tech stack. Bring your questions or stuck points, and even feel free to share your screen and get step-by-step guidance to move forward with whatever you’re working on with more confidence and expertise.


Support 5

Co-Working Sessions

Once a month, our Community Mentor facilitates a live co-working session for two hours. This is a time to gather in community to support you as you take action on your most important projects.

These are designed for those who want to work quietly, in connection with others, as well as for those who want direct feedback and support with whatever they’re working on.


Support 6

Just-in-Time Masterclasses

All the inner work in the world won’t result in your dream business unless you can translate your insight into the right systems, structures, and containers to hold you and your customers in a powerful, right relationship with each other.

That’s where the masterclasses come in.

In addition to an ever-growing library of expert masterclasses that map out the building blocks of creating a profitable, Self-led business, you’ll also enjoy a new seasonal masterclass with Sara or a guest expert each month, followed by a live Q&A.

(In September, December, March, and June, these masterclasses are replaced by Seasonal Visioning Sessions.)

These Masterclasses will support you in continuing to expand your knowledge while fine-tuning the essential bones of your business to increasingly streamline and up-level things as you go.


Support 7

Accountability Pods

Upon joining the program, you’ll be invited to connect with a few other women who can serve as your accountability partners. These are 100% optional, and we'll guide you through the steps of choosing your pod during your first month in the program.

Together, you can choose how often you want to meet; and some examples of things these groups do together are have “money dates,” practice sales conversations, give feedback on web pages, and offer moral support. These are optional, and if you’d rather not be in a group, that’s okay, too.

The women in the program who have bonded with their Pods have found these to be one of their highlights of their experience!


Support 8

Seasonal Visioning Sessions

Your success and sustainability as a business owner rests in the quality of the plan that you create– and implement.

Gather with Sara and our community once each quarter (in March, June, September, and December) for 90 minutes to chart your course for the next 3 months. 

This will support you in overcoming overwhelm and confusion so you can stay focused on what matters most and gain real momentum toward your goals and dreams in the season, and year, ahead. 


Support 9

Deepening Retreats

Twice during the year, in February and July, we’ll gather for a half-day retreat to take a deeper dive into expanding our visions of what's possible, explore new topics and experiences, tend to the main inner and outer obstacles standing in your way, and access resources and strategic steps you need to take in the coming months.

There will be time for experiential exercises, group sharings, as well as teachings and real-time feedback from Sara. 


Learn, implement & master the essential building blocks you need to grow a sustainable, aligned, multiple six-figure business.


The 12 masterclasses that make up our core curriculum include:

Setting Your Soul-Centered Foundation

Clarify your vision and values and set a powerful intention for your year ahead.

Aligned Audience & Positioning

Master the art of identifying and connecting with your ideal audience, ensuring your business resonates deeply and stands out in a noisy marketplace.

Heart-Centered Marketing & Communications

Create an authentic marketing plan that lights you up and resonates deeply with your audience, fostering genuine connections and loyalty.


Money & Pricing

Develop a healthy and abundant money mindset, budgeting, and practices while mastering pricing strategies that reflect your true value and attract your ideal clients.

Websites, Technology & Branding

Build a magnetic online presence with effective websites, cutting-edge technology, and cohesive branding that authentically represents your essence.

Ethics, Energy Management & Boundaries

Learn to navigate business with integrity, manage your energy effectively, and establish strong boundaries to maintain balance and well-being.

Choosing Your Product Suite & Business Model

Design your signature offer, suite of offers, and business model that aligns with your spiritual values, meets your clients' needs, and supports sustainable growth.

Sustainable & Effective Launches & Promotions

Plan and execute successful launches that are sustainable, profitable and aligned with your values.

Stellar Program Delivery & Customer Experience

Deliver exceptional programs and create memorable customer experiences that lead to high satisfaction, retention, and referrals.

Staying on Track with Reviews, Debriefs & Feedback

Be the CEO and implement regular reviews of metrics and outcomes to course correct, continuously improve, and ensure the ongoing success of your business.

Building & Managing Your Dream Team

Step out of being the bottleneck in your business and get the right support you need to get to the next level. 

Creating Scalable Systems & Structures

Streamline operations, increase efficiency, and support the sustainable growth of your spiritual business over time.


This foundational curriculum helps you to get crystal clear on what your business is for, who it serves, why and how it serves them, what you stand for, and how to bring your messaging into alignment and coherency with all of these pieces.

These modules also show you how to create a central offer–or a suite of offers– that build on each other and provide a sustainable financial revenue flow, along with how to market and sell those offerings.

You’ll build the knowledge, skills, and tools to put all of these pieces into their right places so you can stop spinning your wheels and experience real traction and momentum.

Here's what the world of Sorceress CEO will look and feel like as you step into it over these next 12 months:

(The rhythms for each week and month vary, and these are generalized examples.)


Now, I have met a wonderful person through my accountability pod who has become a valuable mentor. I’ve loved Sara's feedback as I’ve been building out my offerings and pricing structure. I’ve implemented these and am proud about this!! I feel Sara gave me the confidence to go for it and to trust myself, which I am doing!

Sara’s IFS teachings really opened the flood gates to help me understand that I can move out of fear and into courage. This led me to leave my marriage after 25 years and to create a viable support system so that now I feel I am thriving. The work I’m doing now would not have happened if I were still married. I am getting out of my comfort zone and am learning to just go for it versus overanalyzing.

I have never felt more of an inner wealth, prosperity, an inner sense of calm and knowing than I do now.”

– Jennifer France; Yoga Business Owner 

New Member Bonuses


2 Bonus 1X1 Sorceress Sessions with Sara (a $1100 value)

When you join Sorceress CEO, the first thing Sara does is learn as much about you and your business as possible before your 1×1  session.

You’ll walk away more intimately in touch with your heart’s deepest desires, the biggest inner and outer obstacles standing in your way of their fulfillment, and a clear map to your inner and outer success in the year ahead. 

In the final several weeks of your first year in Sorceress CEO, you'll have a chance to meet privately with Sara again for an assessment of your progress, celebrations, insights, and setbacks from the previous ten months. Together, you'll clarify the next steps for you and your business.  




Creating Financial Well-Being with IFS (Value: $777)

Financial wellness can make all the difference in whether your business thrives and flourishes– or whether it falters, drains your energy, and continually causes fear and guilt (no matter your income level!).

In this in-depth masterclass, led by Internal Family Systems Financial Therapist and Advisor, Rick Kahler, you’ll learn how to heal from past money traumas, rewire limiting beliefs and patterns, and write a new script for your financial future.

Using the life-changing model of Internal Family Systems, get all parts of yourself on board with living a life of more abundance, ease, and overall financial well-being.

This masterclass will be led live in August 2024. 




Conscious & Aligned Social Media Masterclass (a $777 value)

Social media can feel empty, soulless, or dramatically out of integrity for entrepreneurs who are devoted to expressing their sacred gifts in the world. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you struggle with sharing yourself and your work on social media in a way that feels authentic and good for you, join aligned social media expert, Ksenia Brief, for a one-of-a-kind masterclass to help with just this.

In this masterclass, she’ll share a combination of strategic, subtle energy work, and intuitive guidance to help you align your online presence with your goals and values, while offering tangible strategies to creatively bring your social media strategy to the next level. You’ll leave feeling re-ignited, clear and ready to take the next step in joyfully growing your impact.

This bonus is available for women who join within 24 hours of being invited into the program on your 1X1 Connection Call with Sara (after your application has been submitted and approved).


Sorceress CEO is filled with proven spiritual, psychological & business technologies to keep you moving forward.


Additional New Member Bonus

When you join, you’ll get access to Sara's  immersion for mastering your inner world when she offers it again live: Sorceress School (a $997 value)


Sorceress school will support you with:


Aligning with Your Deep Truth

Get support with shedding the people, places, activities, and internal patterns that aren't genuine reflections of your essential Self. Grow the courage and practical skills to be fully yourself in all areas of your life.


Cultivating Wholeness

Heal the parts of you that hold you back: your Inner Critic, self-doubt, or those parts that sabotage you. Not only that, but also discover how these challenging aspects of you can transform into your greatest allies. 


Embodying Self-Leadership

With deep alignment and wholeness, it's time to lead not only your life but also your business from your highest Self. Navigate any bumps, setbacks, or challenges that come your way with clarity, calm, creativity, and confidence.

Video Poster Image


Now, clarity has been showing up for me in big and small ways that it hasn’t before, which has motivated me to take inspired and aligned actions. I now have a free offering out in the world that didn’t exist before this program. I plan my business goals in 16-week periods and often would get to the end of those periods with not much to show. Now I’ve created a new M-F practice where I schedule 2-3 tasks on my calendar that are specific to the current goal/outcome I am aiming for. This has been a game-changer in productivity, integrity, and alignment for me. I will be soft-launching a community membership offering this week which I’m very excited about.

I’m taking myself a lot less seriously these days. Establishing and nurturing a genuine “relationship” with the spirit & soul of my business has created a different framework for me in how I approach and show up for my business. It feels softer, a lot more personal, and like I have a higher and expanded purpose to fulfill.

Sara creates a strong, sacred, and safe environment that is so supportive and feminine. Her passion for all things feminine and business wrapped up together is a contagious combination. Sara's unique and experienced approach will resonate strongly with you if you’ve ever felt frustrated and just plain tired of all the conventional approaches to having a dream business that just hasn’t worked for you.”

– Michele Marie Neyers; ceo/founder juicy conscious living, life & business coach, educator, and author

What Kind of Women Are Inside Our Community?

Here you’ll find other expert, spiritually-attuned entrepreneurs who are wise, whip-smart, and endowed with hearts of service.

This is for you if you are a:

  • Coach, Therapist, Counselor, or Consultant
  • Health, Fitness or Wellness Expert
  • Nutritionist
  • Yoga Teacher or Business Owner
  • Reiki/Energy Practitioner
  • Embodiment/Bodywork Practitioner
  • Teacher of Women’s Spirituality
  • Fashion/Graphic/Product Designer
  • Established creative entrepreneur or business owner
  • Non-Profit Executive
  • Real Estate Investor
  • Lawyer
  • Author
  • Retreat Leader
  • Acupuncturist
  • Pilates/Dance/Movement Instructor
  • Astrologer
  • IFS Practitioner
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Intuitive or Medium
  • Doctor, Dentist, or Nurse
  • Architect
  • Animal Communicator
  • A self-identified woman who works in a healing or creative profession

Above all, you know that, at this pressing time in history, the next step on your own journey of becoming is to serve and support through the channel of your business, in greater and greater ways that feel true and abundant for you.

Meet Our Expert Mentor Team

In addition to working intimately with Sara, you’ll also have the opportunity to receive regular support from some of her most cherished colleagues and team members (who also happen to be incredibly gifted at what they do).


Jennifer O’Sullivan

Level 3 Certified Internal Family Systems Practitioner, Certified Yoga Educator & Endorsed Insight Yoga Teacher

Jennifer O’Sullivan is a Level 3 Certified IFS Practitioner and an enthusiastic booster of Parts Work. In her IFS coaching practice, she draws on her natural compassion and mindful listening skills to helps individuals and groups use Parts Work to expand their self-inquiry practice and further their development process. Jennifer is also a long-time yoga and mindfulness educator.

Collectively, her work blends ancient wisdom with contemporary spiritual psychology to help people cultivate resilience, courage, and genuine happiness amidst modern-day challenges.

Sara and Jen share one of the same, long-time core yoga and meditation mentors– Sara Powers– as well as a deep love for the transformational power of healing in IFS groups.

Gather with Jen for twice-monthly IFS Group Mentoring Calls. This is a safe, non-judgmental space to get support with any parts of you that are hindering your process or are simply needing more attention and connection.

Sonia Perez Halladay

Our Community Manager 

As a woman who's been participating in Sorceress CEO since the summer of 2024, Sonia is a Certified Chef and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach based in New Jersey. 

As our community manager, Sonia invites you to gather with her once a month in our co-working sessions. There, you can work quietly on your own, while also having some time for sharing and reflections with other women.

Sonia's also very active in our community Facebook group, where she loves supporting and cheering you on! 

Angela Russo

Digital Marketing & Tech Expert 

Angela Russo has been supporting Sara in her business for the past couple of years. She specializes in identifying your target audience, how to best reach them, as well as creating strategies specific to reach your desired goals and platforms.

Join her monthly Office Hours to get help with setting up your Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Instagram ads; getting the right visuals and copy dialed in for your marketing; optimizing your funnels and the tech involved in them; and tweaking and refining your digital marketing strategy in realtime as you go. 

Angela really knows her stuff and makes topics that can feel overwhelming more easy to understand and implement, step by step. 

Video Poster Image

"Before joining this program, I was struggling with clarity and wanted more connection and guidance regarding my business.

So far, I am experiencing more inner clarity and direction, while feeling motivated to streamline my business so it feels aligned with my deepest intentions. If you are a heart-centered female entrepreneur looking for a program that distills a variety of high-level business information into digestible and actionable steps, then this is the program for you.”

– Carrie Haynes, M.Ed., LPC; Founder, Art of Groups

Your Investment in Sorceress CEO

We've lovingly designed every aspect of this online course-meets mentorship-meets mastermind and sacred women’s circle to provide high-touch support to every dimension of you, your life, and your business.

Two, Half-Day Deepening Retreats –  Virtual, February & July ($1000 value) 

Sorcery & Strategy Calls ($6000 value)

Community Co-Working Sessions ($2500 value)

Accountability Pods (Priceless!)

IFS Mentoring Calls ($6000 value)

bonus Course: Sorceress School ($1000 Value)

private member's-only podcast ($500 value)

24/7 Women’s Community (Priceless!)

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Seasonal Visioning Sessions - MARCH, JUNE, SEPTEMBER & DECEMBER ($2000 value)




Sorceress CEO is worth over $40,000
But your investment is:  


$9997 $7500/year

(Get two months free when you choose the annual option)


or $997 $750/month

To go deep together, we have a minimum 12-month commitment for both the monthly and annual options. 

Please read our cancellation policy before joining us.


Apply Now to Become a Sorceress CEO

While we encourage serious applicants only, there’s zero pressure or commitment when submitting an application. If yours has been approved, you’ll be invited to a 1X1 call with Sara to ensure we’re a good fit for working together.

(The application takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.)


"Prior to joining this program, I was navigating establishing a soul-aligned AND revenue-generating business.

Since being part of this community, I met my initial six-month milestones of both infrastructure and content aligned with my values. And what I have now that I didn’t have before is clarity and courage!

Building an authentic 'soul-aligned' business is not something you can read, think, AI or meditate your way to. This program provides a roadmap, resources, and a community to navigate this essence.”

– Becky Hoffman; Coach & Owner of “Bring About”

This is a safe, brave space for implementation with real-time feedback and support.



You already know what to do. 

You don't need another course or credential.

You've been in learning and consumption mode for too long.


All the external learning and internal work in the world won't bring your vision into reality.


What you need now is implementation and a supportive community so you make real progress

“Before joining Sorceress CEO, I was struggling with staying focused and feeling motivated to grow my business. Along my journey, I’ve been held in deep inquiry and inner listening, while staying in connection with the soul of my business.

If you feel ready to create from your soul, you’ll receive the guidance and support that you need. Sara’s wisdom, experience, and guidance creates a safe and beautiful holding space.”

– Cynthia McGrath
Founder of the “Vital Voice"
Transformational WomanSpeak Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

One of our core values is to put life before business and to honor seasons of work, rest, and reflection.

To model this, Sara does not teach live events in December or August, and her business is closed during the last two weeks of each of these months.

During the first two weeks of these months, the mentor team will continue to host live sessions and we encourage rest and integration during the remaining two weeks.

“Before I joined this program, I was struggling to develop my new psychotherapy private practice in a way that felt aligned with my values and heart-felt desires for a business that offered me freedom and flexibility.

I lacked interconnectedness in my personal and professional lives, and I wasn’t experiencing clarity in my intention and vision for where I wanted to see my professional business develop and how to live my best life. I was also longing for a community of women who would be an anchoring support system and offer inspiration for me to grow.

Sara deeply understands the needs of entrepreneurs and seemed to design this program with me in mind. No matter where I am on my journey, I don’t feel behind or lost. I have learned so much from Sara’s deep inner wisdom, as she leads from a place of wholeness and models what is possible. The program is encouraging me to live my life in alignment with my values, and therefore my personal life and my business are growing in new ways. I am becoming a better human and able to live in healthier ways. I also feel connected with the program participants through the live masterclasses, mentoring and coworking sessions, and through the online forums.

I welcome female entrepreneurs to join us on this interconnected journey. Without hesitation, now is the time to join us.”

 – Joanna Barrett
Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Emotional Wellness Yoga Instructor

This is a good fit for you if you: 

  • Are motivated and inspired to roll up your sleeves and do the work
  • Have a baseline familiarity and comfort with technology
  • Know how to ask for help when you need it and are open to receiving direct feedback
  • Want to bring your positive energy to our community
  • Know it’s time to get out of consumption mode and into implementation
  • Are willing to devote time each week to work "on" and not just "in" your business
  • Value resilience and know that setbacks are part of the path to success

This is not a good fit for you if you:

  • Want a course or a 1X1 experience. This is content plus live teaching and community interaction and the experience is most effective when you actively participate
  • Don’t want to set goals and create an action plan that you hold yourself accountable to 
  • Aren’t coachable and willing to implement, interact, and engage
  • Won’t ask for help when you need it
  • Prefer to judge and criticize yourself and others, rather than uplift
  • Give up easily and aren't able to weather challenges
  • Haven't done anything yet to create your business


Feel into your heart.


Ask yourself:


If I trusted myself completely, what would I do?

Still on the fence?

I welcome you to apply to Sorceress CEO if you know in your bones that any of these are true:

↪  Truth #1: You want real-deal wisdom from an experienced entrepreneur who’s been walking her talk for a long time.

After completing my first 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2001, I began on my entrepreneurial path. In the nearly twenty-five years since then, I’ve been a pioneer in my field and have served tens of thousands of women worldwide.

I’ve dedicated my life to supporting women to listen to and trust their “still, small voice inside” and to create the lives and businesses of their desires based upon that– rather than on external “shoulds” and expectations.

↪  Truth #2: It’s possible for you to love your work, offer it in alignment with your values, and get well paid for it.

When you're not regularly surrounded by people who are living in this paradigm, it's easy to close down to this possibility. In the Sorceress CEO community, we’re all about simplicity, spaciousness, and paying close attention to what lights you up (Hint: That’s the work that’s truly yours to do!).

Magic happens when you surround yourself with people who are doing incredible things, together.

↪  Truth #3: It’s only consistent, aligned action that creates the results you desire.

To win big (however you define that for yourself), you have to be willing to step off the sidelines and "get into the game" - as well as rest when you need to, of course.

Clarity comes from being in motion. So inside this community, you'll embrace progress over perfection and be encouraged at every turn to cultivate the courage to take consistent steps forward that are in alignment with your true desires.

↪ Truth #4: You know that your success is equal to the quality of the people and support you surround yourself with.

Expert mentorship and hands-on mastermind support are going to make all the difference between thinking about bringing your biggest dreams into reality and actually (gently and firmly) moving you through all of your places of stuckness and resistance.

If you've realized the limitations of going it on your own and are ready to open up to receive more support, community, wisdom, inspiration, and hands-on implementation help - then you are ready to join us in Sorceress CEO community.

↪  Truth #5: Business is not separate from spirituality and personal growth. They’re all part of a single path to self-actualization.

You may have believed, up until now, that you can’t reach a certain level of business and financial success and also be spiritual, but it's simply not true. Our professional journeys are potent conduits for bringing our soul’s gifts and the sacred more fully into the world– all the while healing the many different facets of ourselves.

So in this community, we’re all  full-spectrum living, serving, and realization. We embrace radical inclusivity, knowing that all parts of ourselves and our process are holy and deeply welcome.

“After giving birth to my daughter and taking a significant time off for maternity leave, I wanted to make my business more mentally, emotionally, and financially sustainable. I wanted the freedom to be present with my daughter and for her to have a happy and relaxed mom to spend quality time with.

By being in this program, I’ve really understood how essential it is to prioritize my self-care and wellbeing. I've felt the support of the community of like- minded women which has helped me stay committed to what's most important to me. You can benefit from this community no matter where you are in your business. Mine has been well-established for years and I haven't needed to make any major changes in order to benefit from the program. For me it's been a mindset shift and a huge impact on the ways I take care of myself.”

– Julia Forberg, LMFT




Being a Sorceress CEO is also about...

Giving Back

Supporting others is one way we can make a powerful contribution to our world. Dance to Be Free is a non-profit based in Boulder, CO whose mission is to radically improve the lives of incarcerated people by addressing lifelong trauma through the healing power of dance.

Sara's personal connection to this organization and its founder, as well as her own work in prisons and a lifelong passion for dance, have highlighted U.S. prisons to be places in our global community that deeply need support and transformation.

A portion of your tuition will be donated to Dance to Be Free. 

Your investment in YOU and YOUR BUSINESS helps to break cycles of trauma and incarceration.


Applications now open for our July 2024 circle