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Becoming Whole

A woman’s guided path to making peace with herself– and her life.

During this integrative 6-week course, you’ll go from feeling like you’re somehow not quite where you want to be in your life (despite all the ways you’ve tried!) to experiencing yourself more consistently as whole and at peace

Learn how to heal those hard-to-reach places within you that are holding you back: unresolved wounds, unwanted behaviors, burnout, and feelings of shame and unworthiness. So you can live the life you know you’re here to live.


Does this sound like you?

You’ve done talk therapy. Been on yoga retreats.

Heck, maybe you’re even a yoga teacher, coach, or therapist yourself.

✔ Still, there are some things that, no matter how hard you try, just don’t seem to be falling into place.

✔ You struggle with self-doubt, tend to be really hard on yourself, and often find yourself thinking, “I should be over this by now.”

✔ You’re still carrying shame about some past experiences. You’re feeling burned out, or like you’re doing something that you know isn’t healthy for you, but you just can’t break the cycle, no matter how much willpower you muster. 

✔ Maybe you have “skeletons in your closet” that you know need to be dealt with (or you feel like you have dealt with them, but they’re still haunting you).

You’re not alone. And you’re certainly not a lost cause.

Everything you’ve done so far has not been a waste. It has led you right here, to this moment. 

Even if shame has prevented you from taking that “next step” in the past, experiencing the inner harmony and peace you most long for is still an option for you.

Living your best life,” however you define that for yourself, is still possible.

I know, because I’m experiencing that now, as are many of the women I work with.

It took me time to get this sorted out, but it was worth it. 

Take my hand. I’ll show you how this peace, fulfillment, and wholeness can be true for you, too.

"Sara is a true gift. The work with IFS has been a deep, releasing, and transformative experience."

"The work makes room for my best self to step forward into the light of day and breathe. I feel deeply fortunate to have worked with Sara in this modality. It is an invitation to come forth in greater light, clarity and power.”

 – Heidi Rose Robbins; Astrologer & Poet

You might be wondering….

What is Internal Family Systems?

IFS is an evidence-based, psycho-spiritual therapeutic model and spiritual practice. Its core premise is that we have a multiplicity of personalities, or “parts,” within us and that all parts of us are all fundamentally good (even and especially the ones we hate and want to get rid of, like our Inner Critics!). 

IFS helps us relate to these aspects of ourselves as if they are our internal family members. Our parts can include thoughts, emotions, beliefs, behaviors, as well as various bodily sensations and symptoms. 

For example, have you ever had the experience where you say “a part of me wants to do this and another part of me wants to do that?” That’s because we have many parts inside of us, many of which are often in conflict. 

From this foundation, IFS offers a clear, accessible path to heal those parts of yourself that can become extreme and overwhelm you– so that you can access more of your calm, wise center more often. 

IFS has  become so popular (and powerful) that people like Gabby Bernstein, Alanis Morissette, Gwyneth Paltrow, Dr. Lisa Rankin, Tim Ferriss, Elise Loehnen, Glennon Doyle, and Elizabeth Gilbert have openly shared how much it has helped them.


This is for you if you are:

  • A self-development devotee (or an aspiring one) who’s been on the path for some time, yet, despite all the talk therapy and meditation retreats you’ve done, you aren’t experiencing the results you want and still feel like some parts that tend to hijack you are out-of-reach (even a mystery) to you
  • A coach, therapist, or healing professional who wants to be able to help your clients in deeper and more authentic ways, by first healing those places in yourself
  • Someone who’s interested in Internal Family Systems (IFS) and wants a really in-depth understanding and experience of this model, and how it integrates with a more feminine approach to healing and life
  • An IFS practitioner, therapist, client, or student who wants to explore ways to integrate this life-changing model with feminine spiritual practices
  • Struggling with unhealthy behaviors, shame, burnout, trauma and/or unworthiness that you want to resolve at the root (for good). 
  • Going through a big life transition and feel like you could use some extra support and community to help maintain equilibrium as you navigate it


Becoming Whole is a good fit for you if you want to get unstuck and feel more flow and momentum in your life– without spending decades in and thousands of dollars on therapy.


Above all, Becoming Whole is for you if you want more support to be the woman you know you were born to be.


Becoming Whole will give you all the tools, inspiration, community, and heart-felt guidance you need to end the wars inside of you, feel comfortable in your own skin, and celebrate that you’re living your “best life” (however you choose to define that).


Welcome home, my friend.

You’re in the right place.


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By the end of this program, you will:

 ✔ Understand how to be who you really are, more consistently.

Most of the time we walk around believing we’re certain voices in our heads (You know, that one that tells you what a bad person you are! Or that you’re messed up, angry, depressed, or fill-in-the-blank). We may even have parts of ourselves that mystify us, or that we feel afraid of. These parts might take you over sometimes and cause us to drink or eat too much. By the end of our time together, you’ll feel like you’ve gotten to know– and even decoded– these parts of yourself

✔ Learn to make peace with your biggest secrets.

A lot of what keeps us stuck on our healing journeys is the fact that we’re harboring secrets– either about what we’re up to now, or things that happened in the past. We feel shame about these skeletons in the closet. And shame has been what’s prevented us from seeking support. In a community of women– where we all have (or had) various skeletons in our closets– you’ll receive the framework and acceptance you need to make peace with these parts of yourself. 

Know how to heal what feels unhealable.

 We all have aspects of ourselves that we doubt we’ll ever fully understand, much less heal! You know, those ones that can throw you off track when you’re trying a new health routine or wanting to move towards a big goal. We’ve tried all different kinds of therapeutic modalities, read all the books, yada yada yada. Yet, with the evidence-based healing protocol of Internal Family Systems, we’ll finally have at our fingertips a gentle, effective method to access those hard-to-reach places in a way that doesn’t feel scary or overwhelming.

✔ Get to the bottom of unwanted behaviors.

 Maybe you lash out in anger at those closest to you. Smoke cigarettes secretly (only when you’re stressed!), or perhaps you drink a bottle of wine at night when you’re lonely (or maybe you do both of these). If alcohol and tobacco aren’t your things, then maybe you comfort eat cookies, take edibles, or mindlessly scroll online to help you cope with stressful feelings. Sure, maybe this doesn’t happen all the time, but the fact that you can feel like you have your life together and then this behavior sneaks up on you at unexpected times, leaves you feeling confused and like you can’t trust yourself. 

✔ Cultivate more peace and power, daily. 

 Life is one, extended healing journey. Amidst whatever you face in your life, now or later, cultivate the tools you need to feel more ease and harmony through it all. The tools and practices you learn in this program will help you to do this, not just during our six weeks together, but over the rest of your life. Learn how to live and actualize what you most want with more fulfillment and peace.

What if you had a clear pathway, practices, mentor, and community to help you experience these things more quickly and easily than you ever could on your own?



"Before joining this program, I was feeling very depressed and anxious as I was going through many difficult transitions. I was in the middle of a divorce and my daughter left home for college. I was feeling very lost and purposeless.

“As a result, I was struggling with severe anxiety and depression, hopelessness, and major life transitions. Unhealed childhood trauma was making daily life difficult. I was also struggling with insomnia and night terrors.

I wanted to participate in this program because I had read Sara's book, The Book of SHE, and listened to her podcast. I resonate with so much with what she teaches. I have been wanting the opportunity to work directly with Sara, and this was a great way to do it, it fits into my schedule and I loved the idea of the live calls and participating with other women. The combination of online and live work was great.

I felt that the information about IFS was explained very well. Sara was well-versed and helped me to work with some of my parts, especially protectors. At the end of the program, I gained a better working understanding of IFS and am able to better employ it in my life.

If you are a woman looking for guidance from someone who is authentic and has done her own work, then this is a great program for you!"

– Francine Ronis; Falls Church, VA


This is what one graduate of Becoming Whole shared. Different than any other course out there, Becoming Whole meets you where you are and helps take you to where you want to be, efficiently and effectively. 

If you often  find yourself thinking “there’s something wrong with me,” or you feel frustrated, weary, and hopeless from working on the same issues for so long, without getting the results you want…. You don’t have the time or money to be in therapy for years… You feel like you can’t legitimately support others until you’ve healed these aspects of yourself first….Or, if you feel yourself slipping when you don’t have the accountability of a class and community…. Becoming Whole gives you a more supported, direct path to healing.

What if living your best life didn’t
feel so out-of-reach?

Imagine waking up in the morning, feeling fulfilled, relaxed, and at ease. Then, moving through your day, doing all the self-care rituals you know make you feel your best, without inner resistance or self-sabotage. 

What would it feel like to trust yourself and to know that you’re not going to undermine your most important goals and relationships with old, painful patterns (like drinking, smoking, comfort eating, lashing out in anger, overworking, or doom scrolling)? 

To fill your days doing what’s most meaningful to you? Like practicing yoga and meditation in the mornings, going for walks, resting when you need to, and fixing healthy meals for yourself? And to surround yourself with environments and people who love and support you

In it, I share a 5-step path for healing unresolved wounds, unwanted behaviors (like drinking, smoking, binging, overworking, etc.), and lingering feelings of shame and unworthiness.

This reality is possible for you. And that’s why I created this Internal Family Systems (IFS) & Women’s Spirituality course, Becoming Whole.

It will help you connect with the deepest parts of yourself and learn how to love and accept yourself just as you are (for real).

Plus, if you’re a healing professional yourself, it will give you enriched tools to help those you serve, with more expertise and confidence.

"Before joining this course, I was struggling with the belief that I was not a good person (a horrible person, actually), and that I was and would never be good enough in any area of my life. I was also struggling with proving my worth and trying to make a business work.”

I love Sara's work and have been in this community for several years, so there were all of the offerings that Sara has done in the past - and I feel like they all worked and that this program was a way to take everything I have learned from her and really solidify it. It seems like the umbrella that everything fits underneath.

At the end of this program, I am definitely happier now.

This is one of the most gentle and respectful ways to understand and work with why you do the things you do. If you believe that you are deeply flawed, broken, or otherwise not enough, this program will show you that all of those beliefs are a lie and that you are truly whole and loved deeply.

Also, this program will give you a deeper understanding of your patterns and habits and show you that you are worthy, beautiful, and enough. You will leave this program with a sense of freedom and relief from all the old ways you thought about who you are. You must run, don't walk, to sign up for this program because it will change everything!"

– Deb Dawson-Dunn; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Canada

Hi, I’m Sara Avant Stover.

For the past twenty-four years, I’ve been deeply devoted to my own healing journey– as well as to supporting tens of thousands of women on theirs.

Along the way, I’ve shared wisdom from this in my three books: The Way of the Happy Woman (2011), The Book of SHE (2015), and a forthcoming book by Sounds True, Handbook for the Heartbroken (2024). 

In addition to teaching women’s spirituality and being a devoted student of yoga and meditation since my late teens, I’m also a Certified Internal Family Systems Practitioner.

What got me started with all this in the first place? Well, after a cancer scare upon graduating Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude from Columbia University’s all-women’s Barnard College, I serendipitously got a job offer overseas. A few months later, I  moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand (which I ended up falling in love with!) and ended up staying for a decade and going on to become a leading yoga instructor in Southeast Asia.

Today, I call Boulder, Colorado home. And I  lead retreats, courses, and workshops both internationally and online– including at centers like 1440 Multiversity, Kripalu, and Shambhala Mountain Center. 

Becoming Whole is the latest evolution of my work. It’s what helped me get to the root of hard-to-reach places within myself and to heal them, and it’s an honor to share this path with you now, too.

"Before joining this course, I experienced a breakup with my intimate partner. I spent too much time mentally ruminating about different past relationships and what could and should have been. This program let me let go of some of my reviewing obsession to live more wholly in the present.

“Plus, the group support on the journey to Becoming Whole cannot be understated. If you are considering joining this program, I want you to know that you are worth it. Being with other women and experiencing the power of Feminine adds to the vitality of the course. Sara is a loving, articulate, and experienced teacher and guide."

– Maria Maribona; Vancouver, WA



Weekly Journaling Worksheets

To help you integrate each week’s lessons, you’ll have a Whole Woman Worksheet to journal your insights and map your learnings.

Video Lessons

Each week, you’ll receive new video lessons to walk you through our five-fold path to healing. These take you in-depth into the teachings of the cutting-edge, psycho-therapeutic model of Internal Family Systems (IFS). And they help you integrate the information into your daily life as a woman.


Receive guided meditations each week to help you experience the teachings within your own body, heart, and mind. Past graduates have shared that these meditations are one of their favorite parts of the program!

IFS Exercises

Take what you’re learning in the video lessons and apply it to your own inner world of parts through these guided IFS exercises. This is where the real healing…and magic…happens!

Women’s Community

Throughout our entire journey together, you can connect online with our global women’s community at any time. This is hosted on a private site and here, you can receive ongoing support, reflection, and celebration.

Lifetime Access

Enjoy access to this program for as long as it lives online. This means you’ll enjoy future upgrades and additions to Becoming Whole, too!

"Before joining this program, I was struggling with overeating. And, Becoming Whole gave me a very useful inner map to help with this, especially for understanding addictive cycles.”

“Now, I feel I can create space to listen to ALL of my voices and find them funny, tender, sweet, harsh, but I am able to WELCOME them all more fully."

– Marisa Marolda, Switzerland

Becoming Whole changes lives

And it’s now open for enrollment.

Payment Plan


For four months


Single Payment (Best Value)


One time payment


What’s Inside Becoming Whole


Understanding Who You Really Are

So much of our suffering stems from a misunderstanding about what our true identity is. These false identifications are sneaky– so much so that they can fly under the radar of even the most self-aware (and well-read) women. When I learned the framework that I’m going to share with you, it was life-changing and shame-busting. In addition, this module will lay the foundation for the ones to follow.

Module 1 highlights:

✔      Creating a supportive container and setting intentions, so we all feel safe, held, and clear at the start of our collective journey

✔      Mapping out the core components and objectives of IFS, so we all have this framework to lean on in future modules

✔      Unveiling your true identity and gaining a clearer understanding of how to access that more consistently

Experiencing a guided meditation, to help you identify and better understand the aspects of yourself that are at the forefront of this journey we’re embarking on.


Honoring All Parts of You

We’ll delve deeper into the IFS framework, to understand the different parts that comprise each of us, as well as how they work (or, in many cases, don’t work!) together. This sets us up to take a closer look at how we develop wounds and how, over time, those wounds can get buried and remain unhealed for months, years, and even decades. 

You’ll gain more self-awareness around unhealed parts of yourself, as well as learn a pathway to resolve them, safely and gently. 

Module 2 highlights:

✔      Meeting the different kinds of parts within each of us, as well as how they interact with one another

✔      Exploring how wounds (and trauma, with both little and big “t’s”) develop, from an IFS perspective

✔      Understanding the pathway to heal these old wounds and traumas, gently and effectively

Mapping out the parts of yourself, as they relate to a specific wound or behavior you want to heal (or get to the bottom of)


Befriending Your Biggest (Inner) Enemies

Now we’re getting into the belly of the so-called beast (which you’ll soon learn is not a beast at all)! We all have aspects of ourselves that take the steering wheel, even when we muster all the willpower we have to keep them from doing so. We can go for months– even years– without them appearing, only for them to surface, out-of-the-blue, and take over. They can cause us to smoke, drink, overeat, doom scroll, shop too much, and feel a lot of fear about our safety and security– and, at the extreme end, they can cause us to cut ourselves or have suicidal ideations. Another way these parts can appear is that they can be loud (even screaming) voices in our heads, telling us what a horrible person we are.

Whatever your particular demon is, in this module, you’ll gain the compassion and clarity you need to get to know the parts that overtake you, so you can support them in dialing back

Module 3 highlights:

✔      Understanding why trying to fix, ignore, overpower, or go to war with these parts of yourself is only making things worse

✔      Getting to know the extreme parts (like your Inner Critic and binging parts) that take over your system, in a way that helps you feel compassion towards them

✔      Gaining insight into the internal relationships between these parts that are keeping you locked in painful cycles you don’t feel like you can stop 

Experiencing an internal dialogue exercise to support you in getting to know one of your so-called demons


Healing Your Unresolved Wounds

We all have present-day unwanted experiences and behaviors that, if we trace them back, lead us to old, deep wounds that have not yet been healed. Maybe you’re fighting a lot with your spouse, having a hard time finding a partner, are unable to make (and/or manage) money in the way you’d like, or have trouble sticking to a healthy eating or sleeping routine. These are all clear signposts that there’s a wound in your past that needs tending to.

In this module, you’ll gain clarity on what that deep wound is for you, in a way that doesn’t feel scary or overwhelming

Module 4 highlights: 

✔      Tracing present-day unwanted experiences and behaviors back to unhealed parts of your past 

✔      Meeting the young, wounded parts of yourself, with tenderness and care

✔      Understanding why present-day experiences won’t truly change until these young ones are healed

Experiencing a guided meditation, to connect with a wounded part of yourself (in a safe and gentle way)


Clearing Ancestral Trauma & Harmonizing Your Parts

In this final step of our journey, we’ll look back on where we’ve been together, celebrate our wins, and explore the next steps needed to continue deepening and integrating this work into our daily lives.

Module 5 highlights:

✔      Looking back on all we’ve explored and learned together during these five weeks

✔      Learning about another way that we can take on wounds, from our ancestors and culture

✔      Exploring the next steps on our healing journeys, to continue to integrate and deepen this work

✔      Experiencing a guided legacy unburdening, to liberate any wounds we feel we may have inherited from a family member or our culture (or both)

How Becoming Whole is Structured:

→      Each module will be released on a Saturday, over the course of 6 weeks (we’ll have one integration week about halfway through). 

→      The first module will be released on June 17 and the last one will be released on July 22.   

→      You'll also have access to a private Online Community to connect with other women throughout our journey together. 



"Before joining this program, I was beating myself up for my limiting beliefs, my procrastination, my perfectionism, and comparison to other moms.

Now I have a better understanding of my parts. I can appreciate them being there and have stopped trying to ignore them. I can accept all my parts. I feel more peace and less self-judgment.

“I have tried different energy healing modalities, and IFS is refreshing and very different from what I was used to before. I liked that Sara combined IFS with spirituality.

I was already doing Sara's group program, and I wanted to learn more about IFS and how it can heal myself and my kids and ancestral lineage

I would recommend the program. Sara is very generous. The modules are well done and well-organized. The content is great. The flow is nice with spaces for reflections.

The understanding of your parts will awaken you to new possibilities and insights. It will give you a better understanding of who you are. It's well worth it."

– Theany C.; Montreal, Canada

“If you’re thinking of joining know that it doesn’t throw you into the deep end. You don’t have to have experience with IFS or trying to connect with parts. You’ve likely already been doing it without realizing it! And these tools can be simple and quick.”

I have been a student of the mind-body connection for over a decade. I have studied various forms of yoga, meditation, and have a background in health psychology and wellness. I am also an advocate for therapy and have participated in many therapeutic modalities. 

Some things I was struggling with before joining the course were stress and chronic illness, and my biggest takeaway from being part of The Inner Circle was the validation in the consistent connection with parts when showing up to the various exercises and how simple and quick they can be. Also the reminder to get out of intellectualizing everything and return to the body.

Overall, this course demonstrated a personal and professional pathway to connect with aspects of ourselves that can be hard to reach. It also helped me to develop more compassion and body trust.

 Jadi Engels; Chicago, Illinois; Social Worker

"Becoming Whole is a super safe, supportive, and well-paced course that is clear and easy to follow. You will not get lost!”

– Beth; New Jersey 

​​Here are some words from one of our graduates, Debbie, about her experience in Becoming Whole.

"I think that the most important thing I would say about Becoming Whole is that you are very supported."

Debbie Vaccarella; Hinsdale, NY



These additional gifts will help you to deepen in this work, in between each module, and beyond…

✔   Weekly Live Q & A Calls with Sara 

Get your burning questions answered and enjoy the company of other women on the journey. Enjoy  live gatherings with Sara and other women to support and encourage you along the way. 





✔   Private Facebook Community

Receive connection, support, and encouragement with a community of like-minded women from around the world in our private Facebook group. Share your wins and struggles and get support all along the way. You don't need to do this alone! 




✔   Yin Yoga Class with Sara

Trauma lives in our bodies, so this class will help you to integrate this healing work deep into your tissues. Between the weeks when we meet for live Q & A’s, you’ll receive a pre-recorded class to help you digest the teachings more deeply. This guided women’s yin yoga class is suitable for women of all levels of yoga experience, and, throughout, Sara leads you through an IFS inquiry to get to know one of the more challenging aspects of yourself. This is another favorite from our past alumnae! It will help you shift from living in your thoughts and in the past, to being more in the present moment. 


✔   Parts Mapping Practice with Sara 

This is a potent practice to help you get unstuck when going after your dreams. In-between the weeks when we meet for live Q & A’s, you’ll receive a pre-recorded class to help you digest the teachings more deeply. Here, Sara will guide you through an IFS “Parts Mapping” practice, to activate your creativity (yes, it’s for you even if you don’t consider yourself an “artist”) and put your inner world on the page. This will bring more clarity to not only your inner and outer obstacles, but also your resources. 


✔   Ancestral Healing Meditation

Many of the wounds we carry come from our ancestors, and this meditation will help you to heal those. In-between the weeks when we meet for live Q & A’s, you’ll receive a pre-recorded class to help you digest the teachings more deeply. Here, Sara will guide you through an Ancestral Healing Meditation to release any wounds, traumas, or burdens you may have inherited through your family line. At the end, you’ll feel much more “like yourself.” This is always powerful, and a favorite among the women in this program!


✔   An Internal Family Systems Resource Guide 

New to IFS or wanting to learn more about it? Get started with this right when you enroll. Receive a compilation of various books, podcasts, movies, short videos, and guided meditations on IFS. I know how much you love to learn! This will help you to dive deeper into what we’re exploring together.




✔   The IFS Kickstarter Kit 

Excited to get started, but not quite sure how? I recorded seven videos, each outlining a stage of the IFS model, and you’ll be able to dive into these right when you enroll. These will help you to solidify what we’re learning together and to begin to really understand how this work relates to your own inner system and life. 

“This program is rich, illuminating, and experiential. Even people who may already have familiarity with IFS will likely learn & experience something new, given the unique nature of this program. It's both a wonderful introduction & a deep dive. A  more curated way of learning the most vital parts of IFS than you'd learn on your own.”

"The module on polarizations & specifically addictive cycling was the most impactful for me! I'd never come across this concept, despite the exposure I've had to IFS. It was the most incredible ‘a-ha.’ The description of this process helped me to see the last decade of my life with clarity. It was sobering & also relieving to start understanding the reasons behind just how chaotic my experience of life feels sometimes.

Before I joined this program, I was full of uncertainty. I had just quit my job to go into creative freelancing/business for myself full time. And with that job no longer in the picture -- what I thought was the source of my stress having been removed -- I was able to see for the first time that my life was being held together by a bunch of coping mechanisms that had gone unchecked for a long while by that point. 

I was physically & mentally burnt out. I had no daily rhythms or routines. And I was compulsively spending time online to seek out information– binging on knowledge to the point of numbness, as a way to deal with my feelings of distress.

What drew me to this program was Sara herself & the lens of feminine spirituality that she brings to all of her work. I was interested in IFS previously but knew that my own self-study was limited, so I was excited to learn more about IFS filtered through Sara's perspective.

This course was a beautiful companion during a time of deep transition and recovery. I felt so supported by this healing structure & am so grateful to Sara for creating this!"

Cat Nguyen, Atlanta

“The biggest things I've received from this course are deeper self-compassion and self-knowledge.”

Before joining, I used to beat myself up for mistakes, letting parts of me take over without awareness of what was happening. As a result, I often felt low level anxiety, and insecurity, and I had a victim-mindset.

Some of the things that stuck out the most for me about this program is how incredibly detail-oriented it is, as well as the group support. It offers a full explanation about IFS and how it can work for you. Plus, the price point is amazing for all this knowledge!"

Aurora Zoff, UK

"I have had many life challenges that I’m not sure I’ve ever healed.”

“ Somehow I maintain physical health and emotional health to a degree, but, after this course, I feel as though I am facing a crossroads to dig deeper and to allow myself to feel.

I’m a caregiver and I put the needs of others ahead of my own. I struggle to say, ‘no.’ I struggle to find balance and take care of myself. What others think and/or what I believe others think of me takes precedence.

I have been in talk therapy for over 30 years. I have read and journaled. I practice yoga. I have probably tried almost every diet/exercise plan available. I was on medication for mood disorder for 30 years but went off my meds in June. My daughter has made tremendous strides using parts work and I was very hopeful when joining this course. 

For anyone who's considering joining, I say: give yourself the time. It’s a gift to yourself that you deserve."

Kathleen Bettis

“At the end of this course, I'm particularly amazed at how quickly you can really dive in and get to work with this modality. Now, I have a new layer of knowledge of IFS and can apply that as I grow my relationship with my parts.

I've been working with anxiety, and before starting this program, I was feeling a little stuck. I'm currently in therapy and have done some IFS work with Sara before. I found IFS to be so helpful and wanted to do more with the support of a group again.

Purchase this program! You will learn so much. It's a great platform for jumping off and learning what IFS is all about under Sara's gentle and clear guidance. The real strength of the program are the recorded modules. Just like Sara's writing, they are clear, interesting and informative, without being overwhelming.

Amanda Grimm; St. Paul, MN

“Becoming Whole was a deeply immersive experience that I found to be instrumental in discovering and continuing my journey with IFS.”

“The course was a unique blend of live sessions and extensive resources and materials that enable you to engage with the practice in a personal way while still being part of an amazing community that is walking the same path that you are. The women in my group were so inspiring. I would recommend Becoming Whole to anyone who is looking to connect more with their parts, work towards self-love and who want to bring balance and harmony into their lives.

A.D. Denver, CO

"Before joining this course, I felt a lot of chaos and destabilization, along with grief and post-trauma. I was grappling with multiple losses: of a partner, job, and a home.”

I wanted to join this program because of the IFS focus. I also wanted to continue learning and being in community with Sara, who has been a teacher of mine for over 10 years now. 

As a result of this course, I've deepened my IFS learning and practice, especially how to integrate and apply it to my life situations

If you're thinking about joining this course, I would say: It's a simple and gentle approach to the hard stuff in life! Plus, Sara is a very supportive and compassionate leader in this work. The course is well-organized, intuitive, and has a nice, slow pace, with spaces for pause and reflection.

Overall, I would say: Do it! IFS learning and practice is a wonderful healing journey."

Suzanna Denison; Santa Fe, NM

 “Becoming Whole can help develop a deeper understanding of the ways you show up in the world and your reactions to things– in a way that is non-judgmental and healing. It's a great initial introduction to IFS and a really good way to get started in this work.“

“I chose to do this program because I was curious to learn about IFS and thought this class might help me better understand the concepts than reading a book. And the conceptual framework offered in this program really helped me. I could pretty quickly identify how certain aspects of myself may have served an important role when I was younger, they have become outdated, and make things in my life more difficult in some ways. Now I have more awareness of my parts and how they show up daily in my life.”

Michelle Webster; Boulder, CO

"Before joining this course, I was very aware of how hard I can be on myself. With this, I sometimes find myself numbing out to help me deal with some ongoing life hardships. I have also struggled with self-doubt, self-acceptance, and people-pleasing out of fear of being abandoned.”

“I find the compassionate aspect of IFS to be really soothing for the soul, and I really appreciate how it helps me relate to myself in a much more kind and curious way. I really loved the guided meditations Sara shared throughout the course. I also enjoyed the journaling prompts and found them useful. I also really loved the yin yoga class!

After taking this course, I have noticed that I feel more at peace with myself and my parts. I feel more inquisitive, rather than critical. I feel less like there's something wrong with me for my struggles through witnessing the other participants and even Sara sharing their experiences and parts as well. It's very comforting and nurturing.

I  think the program was well thought out and considered most angles to make it accessible and a success. It's an amazing opportunity to work with Sara and other women in a supportive and nurturing space. Sara provides a safe container to explore your parts, within yourself, and within a safe community. The whole experience carries a tone of respect, goodness, gentleness, and unwavering compassion

For anyone who's interested in joining this course, I'd say that this is an opportunity to work with a true, wise woman who walks her talk. It offers a way to explore oneself in a revolutionary and compassionate way. You will feel supported, nurtured, and guided. I would say go for it!"

Z. B.; Burlington, VT.

This is Really Important

Becoming Whole is a non-refundable investment in your relationship with your Self.

It’s an opportunity to grow, learn, explore, connect, and transform, in a loving, supportive group experience.

We want you to make a clear decision at the start, and once you're in, you're in.

Ready for a Recap?


Becoming Whole is a 6-week online course that blends Internal Family Systems with Women’s Spirituality, to help you heal hard-to-reach places within yourself, as well as behaviors that you want to let go of (yet don’t seem to be able to). 


Registration closes on Wednesday, June 14 at 4 pm MT. The first module is released on June 17 and the program ends on July 26. 


Becoming Whole is a completely virtual program. We welcome women from all over the world. Create a sacred space online, in your own home, and together.


This is for you if you are: 

  • A self-development devotee (or an aspiring one) who’s been on the path for some time, yet, despite all the talk therapy and meditation retreats you’ve done, you aren’t experiencing the results you want and still feel like some parts that tend to hijack you are out-of-reach (even a mystery) to you
  • A coach, therapist, or healing professional who wants to be able to help your clients in deeper and more authentic ways, by first healing those places in yourself
  • Someone who’s interested in Internal Family Systems (IFS) and wants a really in-depth understanding and experience of this model, and how it integrates with a more feminine approach to healing and life
  • An IFS practitioner, therapist, client, or student who wants to explore ways to integrate this life-changing model with feminine spiritual practices
  • Struggling with unhealthy behaviors, shame, burnout, trauma and/or unworthiness that you want to resolve at the root (for good) 

How much:

4 monthly payments of $197 — OR — one, one-time payment of $697



Because you’ve tried everything under the sun and don’t want to give up on yourself. Because you’re tired of feeling like you’re your own worse enemy. Because you know that trying to fix or escape your problems isn’t working. Because you crave rich, strong feminine guidance. Because you love women’s community. Because you’re skeptical about (but intrigued by!) women’s community. Because you want to actualize your deepest dreams and desires during this one, fleeting life. Because … you’re ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to Become Whole?

Payment Plan


For four months


Single Payment (Best Value)


One time payment


If you’re thinking “This sounds amazing, but I’m still not 100% sure,” keep reading…

I welcome you into Becoming Whole if you resonate with any of the following:

↪   You want to live the life you most want (and know you’re capable of)

You want fulfilling relationships (most importantly, with yourself) and to feel like you’re able to actualize your goals and dreams.

↪   You realize that staying stuck in old patterns

Like getting burned out, engaging in addictive behaviors, or feeling stuck, is costing you a lot: your joy, fulfillment, inner peace, and the chance to experience the life you most want.

↪   You’re not ready to give up on yourself

You believe it’s possible to heal (even if parts of you have doubts). 

↪   You’re tired of living in fear that old patterns

Like lashing out in anger, numbing out, or drinking/smoking/comfort eating, could take you over at unpredictable times.

↪   You recognized that the shame you’re carrying is keeping you isolated

...from other people, preventing you from having the intimacy you most long for.



↪   You see that trying to fix yourself

...through things like positive affirmations, talk therapy, and spiritual practices just hasn’t worked. If it did, you wouldn’t be reading these words right now!

↪   You’re not afraid of putting in the work

You know that to get the results you want, you need to apply yourself.

↪   You recognize that there is no perfect time, and waiting isn’t the answer

...(and may even be making things worse). You’re ready to stop putting your healing and wholeness last.

↪   You really want to be able to help others heal

...and know that, in order to do this, you need to truly heal yourself first.

↪   You know that there’s nothing more valuable in life

... than to feel a sense of inner peace, harmony, and cohesiveness. And you’re willing to put some skin in the game to experience that!

Becoming Whole changes lives

And it’s now open for enrollment.

Payment Plan


For four months


Single Payment (Best Value)


One time payment



Becoming Whole is for you if:

  • You’re tired of being so, incredibly hard on yourself
  • You’re frustrated with feeling like you can’t break out of painful cycles, no matter how hard you try
  • You don’t feel like you’re able to make progress in the areas of your life that you most want to 
  • You’re riding the waves of a life transition and feel like you need more support 
  • You’ve been a student of the mind-body-connection for some time and want to accelerate your self-awareness and self-compassion

Becoming Whole will give you the framework you need to:

  • Find more flow and forward momentum in your life
  • Learn how to honor and acknowledge your critical or self-sabotaging parts, without letting them take over 
  • Cultivate more self-trust
  • Have more confidence in who you are and the choices you make
  • Feel more connected to yourself and others 
  • Experience a greater sense of peace and at-homeness in your life
  • Deepen your expertise in supporting others in their healing work


Join me, beautiful.

I’ve learned the hard way that trying to fix or go to war with myself simply doesn’t work. I’ve learned that I can’t meditate my problems away, shame my Inner Critic into silence, and that talk therapy doesn’t even come close to healing my deepest wounds.

Now in my mid-forties, over two decades into a devoted journey of spiritual and psychological discovery, I’ve learned how to make exquisite self-care non-negotiable, work with the parts of myself that get in the way of this, and, above all, how to blaze my own trail back to myself (even amidst the hardest and most confusing of times). 

Through IFS I’ve healed lingering threads of bulimia (that dated back to my teens), the impulse to smoke cigarettes when under profound stress, and deep-seated feelings of shame and unworthiness that were holding me back from experiencing things in life that I deeply desired. I’ve healed what seemed unhealable, I help my students and clients do this every day, and I know it’s possible for you, too!

We women need sacred community. Ancient wisdom and cutting-edge healing modalities. We need trustworthy mentorship. 

We need each other. 

Becoming Whole synthesizes all of these things. May it guide you back home … to your wholeness, your inner peace, your Self. 

With love and respect,